Raise your pirate bounty and look fabulous doing it!

Popular anime/manga series One Piece has provided fans with a lot over the years. On top of keeping the world entertained with their maritime mischief, the fun-loving Straw Hat pirates have played their part in keeping us safe and keeping us hydrated, and now they’ve turned their attention to something else; keeping us looking beautiful, thanks to their new collaboration with Japanese make-up giant Shu Uemura. Shu Uemura is a well established make-up brand, and certainly no stranger to fun collaborations; in the past they’ve teamed up with characters well known for their beauty – Princess Peach and Pikachu.

▼ Check out the Jolly Roger on the highlighter!

The limited edition One Piece Holiday collection includes two eyeshadow palettes called the Wanted Treasure Boxes (9,350 yen/US$89), with bold colours inspired by the deep marines of the ocean and the blazing warmth of the hot sun, invoking the spirit of the gang’s adventures.

There’s also a range of matte and gloss lipsticks (3,630 yen), each with a One Piece character on the packaging. The lipsticks come in a variety of shades with names that fans will be sure to appreciate.

▼ Who doesn’t want some Crimson Charge on their lips?

The full collection includes the eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, cleansing oils, highlighters, eyelash curlers, foundation brush and make-up brush set. There’s also some mini sets, which could make the perfect gift for any beauty guru-come-otaku this holiday season.

▼ The Wanted mini lipstick set (6,500 yen/US$62)

The collection is a limited edition run, with many of the products already sold out on the website, so otaku make-up gurus will have to head on over to the website quick if they want to look as beautiful as Nami or Robin. And if you need something to complete your look, check out these adorable One Piece bags from Mis zapados!

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Source, images: PR Times
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