Enako is chosen by the Cabinet of Japan to promote Japanese pop culture on an international scale.

Enako, widely referred to as “Japan’s number-one cosplayer,” is rarely without a photo shoot scheduled or collaborative partnership in the works. The last few days, though, have been especially eventful for the the 26-year-old Nagoya native.


This week Enako is gracing the cover of publisher Shueisha’s manga anthology Weekly Young Jump, which in addition to its regular lineup of comics also has a glossy Enako photo spread within its pages.


For those who don’t want, or aren’t able, to make the trip to the store to buy their copy, purchasing the magazine through online service 7 Net gets you the special bonus of exclusive Enako “clear files.”

But while Enako has worked with manga magazines before, this week she acquired an entirely new client: the national government of Japan.

The cosplay star broke the news through her Twitter account (@enako_cos) with the above post, in which she says

“I’ve been appointed a Cool Japan Ambassador by the Cabinet of Japan! I want to do everything I can as an ambassador and a cosplayer to help promote pop culture, an aspect of Japanese culture that I love so much.”

The announcement was met with a ringing chorus of “Congratulations!” from Enako’s fans, who also left comments including:

“I’ve got goosebumps!”
“With Enako’s help, this will change the world of cosplay.”
“Time to spread her wings on the global stage.”
“I’ve never heard of this ‘Cool Japan’ before, but it’s amazing that you got appointed by the national government.”
“I don’t know anything about Cool Japan, but please do your best!”
“You accomplished your goal for the year! I’m so happy for you!”

As mentioned in the last comment, during an appearance at the end of last year (shown in the photo below) Enako said that her goal for 2020 was “To get a work request from the national government.”

In retweeting her 2020 goal photo, Enako said:

“I never thought I’d accomplish this goal so quickly. Even I’m surprised. It feels like I’m dreaming.

I want to continue enjoying cosplay in my own style while working as a cosplayer and ambassador, and I hope you’ll all support me!”

It’s currently unclear in what specific capacity Enako will be working as an ambassador for the Cool Japan initiative, which seeks to promote appealing aspects of Japanese pop culture in Japan and abroad, but there’s no denying that she has the ability to attract a massive amount of attention just by showing up.

Source: Twitter/@enako_cos via Otakomu
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