H-Next throws its hat/clothes into the H entertainment ring.

As these long, hard days of spending time alone at home continue, many are finding themselves with extra time on their idle hands. So to help put all that to use, there’s a new unlimited video streaming service coming to Japan called H-Next.

If you’ve got much knowledge of Japanese slang or a globalized interest in entertainment of the naked variety, you probably know that the letter “H” is associated with unbridled lust in Japan (from hentai being the Japanese word for “lewd”), and sure enough, in a shinning example of truth in advertising, H-Next is an adult video site. Where it stands out, though, is that H-Next’s access codes will be available exclusively through Amazon Japan.

Once purchasing the code, the buyer will receive a confirmation email which includes both the code and the URL link to H-Next’s login screen. The platform is promising some 50,000 videos to start, with featured talent including Moe Amatsuka…

…Arina Hashimoto…

…and Nene Yoshitaka.

H-Next is scheduled to launch in late April, and offers 30, 90, and 180-day plans, priced at 990, 2,970, and 5,940 yen (US$9.25, US$27.75, and US$55.50). A bit of simple math shows that there’s absolutely no discount for the extended plans, which is a surprise, but apparently H-Next’s philosophy is that it doesn’t matter how long your package is, only what you do with it.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News/Phile Web via Otakomu
Top image: Pakutaso
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