The product claims to help users via “amazingly speedy butt release and butt cleanup“, which pretty much says it all.

As the winter months bring chilly nights, people are starting to think of ways to keep warm. While some people might be content with a cozy kotatsu and a warm cup of tea, Japanese company Bauhutte know that for gamers, a different approach is needed. Bauhutte specialise in products aimed at serious gamers, such as this gaming bed and even chiropractic treatments to improve performance.

One of their more popular items is the Damegi 4G (also called the ‘Ninja Onesie‘ in English), room wear designed to keep gamers not only nice and warm, but to keep them gaming to their best ability. Features include a loose fitting hood so your headphones can fit inside, adjustable headgear that can be changed depending on whether you’re streaming or in serious gamer mode, adjustable sleeves to stop them getting in the way of your mouse, and more.

▼ The full list of functions available in the Damegi’s latest model, the HFD-4G

And while in the past, Bauhütte seemingly had gamers completely covered, there was still one issue that eluded them — bathroom breaks. What if you were in the middle of a particularly intense match and suddenly heard nature’s call?

For a start, taking off the Damegi to use the toilet would expose your shivering gamer’s body to the cold. And by the time you’d undressed, relieved yourself and got dressed again, too much time would have passed — time that could be spent sniping enemies or completing impressive speed runs.

Well, thanks to an upgrade to the Damegi 4G, called the ‘Drop Seat System 6.0‘, gamers may start competing in toilet speed runs, too.

The Drop Seat Function, as seen here on by cosplay model Moe Iori, is a zip that allows gamers to cut down their time spent in the bathroom to as little as possible by giving their nether regions quick and easy access to the toilet. According to the listing, Bauhutte promise that the Drop Seat Function will give gamers “amazingly speedy butt release and butt cleanup“.

▼ The Drop Seat Function displayed on a more fully clothed model.

Rather than innovative, however, Japanese Twitter found the ‘Drop Seat Function’ hilarious, with many questioning if such a feature was really necessary.

“Do gamers really need to wear this? Just wear a sweater and turn on the heating.”
“This suit is going to smell so bad.”
“Wow. You can really sell anything if you add ‘gaming’ to the product’s name.”
“I don’t want to think about how bad the static electricity will be on this thing.”

Despite the above commenters being baffled at the need for such a product, the Ninja Onesie currently has a 4.3 out of 5 review on Amazon. Many buyers left glowing reviews for the product, such as “It was so easy to go to the toilet with this. I walk around with my ass sticking out, which my family loves”. 

The Ninja Onesie is available online from Amazon for 11,097 yen (US$96.50) or through Tokyo Otaku Mode for $114.59. As weird as some of its features are, we have to admit it’s a more practical outfit than some of the ones we’ve come up with recently, and might be just the kind of thing to get us through the part of the year when it’s too cold for us to sit around in our Japanese-style loincloths.

Source: Bauhutte via Kinsoku, Amazon
Images: Bauhutte