Affordable studio apartments are filled with features to make your cat happy in your new home.

Just because you don’t live with any other people doesn’t mean you live alone, right? There are plenty of people out there who are perfectly happy being the sole representative of the human race in a home they share with pets, and these look like they could be just the place for them.

Felissimo, Japan’s leading designer of cat-themed lifestyle products, has teamed up with property developer Wada Kosan to create the Waco Le Viano Tarumi Shirogayama Neko no Ie apartment building. It’s a long name, but the important part comes right at the end with Neko no Ie, which translates to “cats’ house.”

▼ And yes, there are cat-themed artistic touches on the building’s exterior.

Like the two companies’ previous project from last year, Shirogayama Neko no Ie’s apartment units are designed to make life especially enjoyable for feline residents, with steps for them to climb and play on leading up to walkways and relaxation perches near the ceiling.

However, what makes these apartments, which are located in Kobe, extra-special is that they’re designed for single-person occupants. Unlike Felissimo’s first round of cat-oriented apartments, which were all two-story setups, Shirogayama Neko no Ie offers cozier living quarters, though they all sport a kitchenette, bathroom and shower in addition to a combination living/bedroom, and certain units even have lofts.

In addition to climbing play spaces, other special features include a lockable pet door set into the bottom of the door that separates the kitchenette and main room.

▼ First-floor units are outfitted with a lighter wood interior, while those on the building’s second floor get a darker shade.

There’s also a large movable glass partition between the entryway and the rest of the apartment interior, to help make sure your cat doesn’t slip outside and get lost when you go to the door (to take delivery of shipments of crates of snacks you’ve ordered for your little darling, of course).

Units on the first floor have an added bonus in the form of a sub-floor compartment to be used as a litter box in the bathroom area.

Even the building materials were chosen with kitties in mind: the flooring is a softer-than-ordinary surface to help prevent scratches and claw marks, while the mesh used for the window screens is extra sturdy to avoid tears.

Shirogayama Neko no Ie s even conveniently located, just a six-minute walk from the nearest train station, from where Sannomiya Station, in the center of Kobe’s downtown, is a less-than-20-minute ride away.

▼ The building has 12 rooms in total, most with about 31 square meters (334 square feet) of floor space, and the floorplans shown here.

But Shirogayama Neko no Ie’s apartment aren’t just unique, they’re also surprisingly affordable. Local relator Lifull Home’s lists vacancies on is website here for as low as 60,000 yen (US$560) a month, which seems like a very reasonable price for a home for you and your feline life partner.

Sources: PR Times, Lifull Home’s
Images: PR Times
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