Impactful lesson leaves a deep impression.

There’s a certain popular image of all-girls schools in Japan. A long, storied tradition of academic excellence, where young ladies greet each other with a baroquely courteous “Gokigen you” (“Good day”) and spend their days studying under a school motto that includes a call for “virtuous chastity.”

And indeed, the all-girls Japanese Twitter user @Nonamed_A attended ticked all those boxes. That doesn’t mean it was an institution where natural healthy urges were something that hand-wringing teachers urged their pupils to repress, however, and @Nonamed_A recently shared a surprising story from the school’s sex ed program.

“It’s probably because I went to an all-girls high school, but in the sex education part of health class, I think the most practical thing they taught us was ‘If, by some turn of events, your boyfriend should be at your bedside and have a certain hardened something prepared, grab it in your hand. If he refuses to put a condom on, hit him, run away, and never speak to him again.’

It’s worth noting that the teacher didn’t specify where to hit a boyfriend who was wanting to dive in without the proper attire, leaving “If your boyfriend won’t strap up, you punch him right in the junk” as a possible interpretation.

Commenters were impressed with the straightforward, no-nonsense approach taken by @Nonamed_A’s teacher, and some also passed along frank advice they’d received in their own classes.

“Such an impactful lesson.”
“They should teach kids this in all schools.”
“They really should. I went to an all-girls school, and they hardly taught us about sex at all.”
“I also went to an old all-girls school, but in class they had us, one by one, practice putting a condom on a stick.”
“My teacher told us ‘If a guy is telling you to just take birth control pills, dump him.’”

@Nonamed_A went on to share other pearls of wisdom from her sex ed class, such as “A lot of boys who’re your age won’t know how to put on a condom properly, so you need to learn how to do it,” and “If a guy isn’t willing to spring for a hotel room, dump him.” That might all seem surprisingly open for a school with a call for “chastity” in its motto, but once again the faculty had an enlightened attitude about the virtue. When asked, @Nonamed_A says the vice-principal informed students that “Chastity is not dating more than one person at a time, nor dating someone who’s also dating someone else, and moving on to your next love after you break up with someone,” showing that just because a school has a long history doesn’t mean its thinking has to be outdated.

Source: Twitter/@Nonamed_A via Hachima Kiko
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