Kids (or you) not happy about having to wear a mask? Turn it into cute Dragon Quest cosplay instead.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, a mask has become an essential part of any going-out outfit. The transition has been a little smoother in Japan, where many people already wore masks if they suffer from hay fever or ride crowded commuter trains during flu season, but since those are both situations primarily adults have to deal with, no doubt many kids are getting tired of having to wear masks any time they need to venture outside.

That said, Japanese Twitter user Imo’s (@IRLPTkOm874Ck34) daughter has been pretty good about wearing hers, not making any big fuss about it. Still, Imo couldn’t help noticing that she seemed a little down about the situation, and so she decided to brighten her daughter’s day by sewing some very special Dragon Quest Slime masks for her!

In retrospect, the idea was staring us all right in the face all along, as the rounded-triangle shape of the top half of a mask is a pretty close match to the iconic silhouette of the mascot for video game publisher Square Enix’s long-running RPG series. Imo decided to make two masks for her daughter: a flat-type with the traditional starter-level blue Slime, and a pleated mask modeled after the Bubble Slime.

Since not just Imo, but also her daughter, are big Slime fans, the kid perked right up when presented with her cute new equipment for staying safe and healthy, and other Twitter users also loved the idea, responding with:

“It makes the person wearing it and the person looking at it both smile.”
“My son is in high school, and now he wants one too.”
“They should make that an equipable item in the Dragon Quest Games.”
“Daughter levels up! Defense increases by 10! Happiness increases by 5!”
“Since the Bubble Slime has powers over poison, it should be good at helping prevent you from getting sick.”
“Now your daughter is going to think you can make anything.”

Actually, even if Imo’s daughter does get the image that Mom’s powers of creation are limitless, that might not be too far off from the truth, at least if we’re talking about Slime arts and Slime crafts, since she’s also made a Slime cat bed

Slime pies

…and even a Slime wedding cake topper for a friend’s reception.

With people, including kids, in many parts of the world now wearing masks as part of their daily lives for the first time, Imo’s idea is a great way to turn an unpleasant but necessary part of the current new normal into something that can make the day just a little brighter. Stay safe, and if you don’t need to go out today, don’t worry, you can still bond with the Dragon Quest mascot over a nice cup of Slime tea.

Source: Twitter/@IRLPTkOm874Ck34 
Images: Twitter/@IRLPTkOm874Ck34
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