Bring a little Studio Ghibli magic into the home.

It’s been a bumper year for fans of Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away, as 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the film’s 2001 debut in cinemas.

The animation studio has been selling some gorgeous new goods through the Donguri Kyowakoku retail chain to celebrate, and just when we thought they couldn’t top the burping, gobbling No Face piggy bank released in June, they’ve now unveiled a new No Face product we can’t wait to get our hands on.

▼ The Spirited Away Sensor Light

This stunning sensor light shows No Face carrying a red lantern with “油”, the kanji character for “abura” printed on it. As fans will know, the magical bathhouse in the film is called “Aburaya” (“油屋”), which translates to “Oil Store”, and the first kanji in its name can be seen on the flag that flies outside the bathhouse in the movie.

Image: Studio Ghibli

You won’t have to feel scared at night as you pass through dark corridors or stairs in your home with No Face there to help light the way! The light switches on when it senses a person’s body temperature, and stays on for about 15 seconds, glowing with a “swaying, gentle light”.

The lantern is removable, and while it glows when Kaonashi holds it in his hand, it doesn’t glow when removed, adding to the magic of the product.

The lantern-holding No Face isn’t the only surprise in store for Spirited Away fans, as the retail chain will also be releasing soft vinyl Kashira piggy banks.

▼ Each head can store about 600 100-yen (US$0.88) coins or 420 500-yen coins.

Kashira, which means “head” in Japanese, is the name given to the three heads seen in Yubaba’s room in Spirited Away. In the film, they move by bouncing around, so if you buy three of these piggy banks, you’ll be able to replicate their movements by stacking them up on top of each other.


Like the No Face light, the Kashira piggy bank has been carefully crafted using 3-D modelling to ensure every detail is accurate.

▼ Sure, one head is bold, but all three? Now that’s a statement.

Both the Spirited Away Sensor Light and the Kashira piggy banks will be on sale at Donguri Kyowakoku stores and online from 17 December, priced at 4,290 yen and 2,640 yen respectively.

They’ll make the perfect companions to this Hopping Lantern that replicates the friendly lamp character from the movie.

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