Bodybuilding sushi restaurant owner forms team with muscular rivals.

Though restaurants in Japan aren’t officially barred from offering eat-in service during the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people are choosing to eat as many meals as they can at home. In response, food delivery services have been stepping up to provide tasty chow to people who don’t want to risk eating out but also don’t want to cook.

The highest-profile provider is Uber Eats, and so much so that for many it’s become their default image of such services. But there’s a new startup in Nagoya that’s looking to carve out a niche for itself, and that niche is extremely muscular.

Even in a suit, it’s easy to see that Masanori Sugiura (pictured above) has a muscular build. The president of Aichi Prefecture-based catering company Withwin and third-generation owner of high-class sushi restaurant Imazushi, when he’s not busy managing those two enterprises Sugiura likes to compete in bodybuilding competitions. He’s now combined his two passions by launching Vber Macho, a food delivery service staffed entirely by buff men.

Sugiura himself is one of Vber Macho’s half-dozen delivery bros, with the others being friends and acquaintances he’s made through the Japanese bodybuilding tournament circuit. Together, they promise to deliver delicious meals with a side of beefcake eye candy.

▼ Meal options include one-person bento boxed lunches, shareable sushi sets, and even multi-item party platters.

Vber Macho’s deliver uniforms include Japanese happi coats, which in addition to being a traditional part of Japanese culinary culture allow them to easily strip from the waist up when making deliveries, should customers so wish.

▼ The deliverymen will maintain a safe distance of two meters (6.6 feet) when dropping off your food.

Also, since all Vber Macho personnel are bodybuilding competition veterans, they’re not at all self-conscious about flexing for an audience, and the company says that as long as you let them know ahead of time, they’re happy to pose while you take photos when they drop off your order.

Currently, Vber Macho is running a special offer of free deliveries (i.e. no surcharge on top of the price of your food) for customers in the city of Nagoya (the company is yet to establish a base of operations in other cities, but does offer deliveries to Tokyo and Osaka, though with considerable travel surcharges).

If this sounds like the way you’d like to satisfy your hunger, Vber Macho orders can be placed online here.

Source: Nagoya Catering via Maidona News via Livedoor News via Jin
Top image: Nagoya Catering
Insert images: Withwin, Nagoya Catering
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