food delivery

Our reporter orders food from Uber Eats, falls in love, learns that fate works in mysterious ways

It seems that food isn’t the only thing that Uber Eats delivers…love is on the menu too!

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Japanese buff men delivery service will send beefcake, and also things to eat, to your door【Pics】

Bodybuilding sushi restaurant owner forms team with muscular rivals.

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Man orders nothing but a free smile from McDonald’s Japan using Uber Eats

Delivery charges applied, of course.

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Old Japanese photos show the awesome skill of soba delivery workers in the Showa era

Uber drivers have nothing on these delivery pros.

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Domino’s Pizza delivery driver battles Typhoon Jebi in Japan, video goes viral 【Video】

These clips show a worker’s valiant attempts to stay upright in strong winds is no match for the force of Mother Nature.

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They just don’t make Japanese food delivery people like they used to

Times always change. New things come and old things fade away. Depending on your age and location you may have some fond memory of milk being delivered by a horse-drawn carriage or going to a so-called “vi-dee-oh store” to rent a moving picture etched onto some weird magnetic tape or disc.

And some Japanese people may reminisce about the Showa period of Japan when food delivery men would ride around on bicycles carrying an absurd amount of food on a single shoulder.

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