airline food

Do ANA international inflight meals taste better on the ground than they do in the air?

A fun way to feel like you’re going on a trip…and losing weight at the same time. 

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Hate airline food? ANA now lets you cancel in-flight meal prior to boarding, switch to a sandwich

No discount for opting out of the regular meal, though.

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Japanese buff men delivery service will send beefcake, and also things to eat, to your door【Pics】

Bodybuilding sushi restaurant owner forms team with muscular rivals.

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Turkish Airlines serves okonomiyaki as an in-flight meal, or do they…?

Traveling abroad can be scary at times, but for some people, the meals on the plane are the most dreaded part. Despite, or perhaps in reaction to, the bad reputation that airlines have received in the past for their in-flight meals, many have taken steps in the right direction, trying to please their customers with a variety of delicious in-flight foods.

Turkish Airlines is doing a great job satisfying palates of all kinds. But they might not always hit the mark with the names of the foods the offer…

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