“What could that be out…*flexes*…there?”

Bodybuilding is an intense hobby that involves rigorous training at the gym and specially tailored meal plans. It’s not easy to maintain the perfect physique required by bodybuilding competitions, unless, of course, you’re this cat, who seems to have effortlessly attained the body of most bodybuilders’ dreams. 

The cat, who was shared by Twitter user Green Pepper (@r2d2c3poacco), must have just finished breaking out a sweat at the gym, and after coming home decided to gaze out the window in a totally casual pose that only shows off every muscle in its body. Just look at those shoulder muscles, the graceful lines of its trapezius muscles, the bulging obliques. What most bodybuilders would give to have such sleek body lines!

“Oh, you were taking a photo,” he says casually as he turns around. “I had no idea.”

Japanese netizens were instantly struck with jealousy at the cat’s perfect body-builder physique:

“How do I get a perfect body like this?”
“He’s massive!”
“That would be what Yujiro Hanma [from anime Baki the Grappler] would look like if he turned into a cat.”
“His muscles are so brawny!”
“He’s so cool…”
“I wonder what his body fat percentage is lol”
“That’s one tough cat!”
“Meow….meowscle builder…”

Some netizens took a guess about what kind of personality the cat might have. “I bet he’s always standing in front of a mirror,” one netizen said. Another guessed that as he gazes out the window, he’s thinking, “This is my land, the domain that I control.” Whether he owns that turf or not, this is one cat you probably don’t want to mess with.

He would likely fit right into Japan’s newest fitness television program, Bodybuilding for Everyonewhich also features our favorite buff, Swedish gardener. Or perhaps he might consider joining Macho29, the muscle-y male idol group also responsible for the Macho Cafe. Somebody get this kitty an agent, stat!

Source: Twitter/@r2d2c3poacco via My Game News Flash
Featured Image: Twitter/@r2d2c3poacco