Tokyo-based manufacturer specifically forbids one of Japan’s most time-honored steamy “welcome home” clichés.

Smash Core might not be a name that quickly springs to mind when thinking of PC manufacturers, but it’s carved out a unique niche for itself. The Tokyo-based company offers PCs and tablets featuring voice samples from popular anime voice actors and actresses.

You can even make special requests for specific samples recorded just for you as part of Smash Core’s aptly named Type: You series. Right now, buyers have their choice of four versions:

Kaito Ishikawa (Haikyu!!’s Tobio Kageyama, One Punch Man’s Genos, Brand New Animal’s Alan Sylvasta)
Saki Ono (Kemono Friends’ Common Raccoon, Beatless’ Yuka Endo)
Sho Hayami (Bleach’s Sosuke Aizen, Macross’ Maximilian Jenius)
Yukihiro Nozuyama (Hypnosis Mic’s Dice Arisugawa, Vanguard’s Izuru Shido).

▼ Left to right: Ishikawa, Ono, Hayami, Nozuyama

In addition to 60 pre-loaded words for various system functions, each device includes two lines chosen by the buyer and recorded by the voice talent prior to delivery. Each line should include your name (or nickname), and some of Smash Core’s suggestions are:

“Yoo-hoo, [name]. Looks like you’ve got an email. Wonder who it’s from?”
“[Name]-chan, you’ve got a letter! Hey, hey, who sent it to you?”
“Mail’s here, [name]. I bet it’s wonderful news!”

▼ Type: You laptop

However, while the two lines of custom dialogue are up to you, there are some things that are off limits. First, you can’t have the voice actors/actress perform specific lines from copyrighted anime they’ve appeared in, and you also can’t have them make statements about yourself, like “This is Kaito Ishikawa, and I belong only to you.” Also not an option? “Dialogue that creates a sexualized atmosphere,” and Smash Core specifically points out that Japan’s stereotypical sexy welcome-home line of “Which do you want first: a bath, dinner, or me?” is a no-go. The company also explicitly states that it will not accommodate requests for your custom line to include the sound of a kiss from your model’s voice performer.

▼ Type: You tablet

If you can live with all those stipulations, orders can be place online for the notebook PCs and tablets (Ishikawa here, Ono here, and Hayami and Nozuyama here), with prices ranging from 117,700 to 319,000 yen (US$1,100-US$2,980) depending on the specific model and specs.

Source: @Press (1, 2, 3), Smash Core Entertainment via Otakomu
Top image: Pakutaso

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