Junior high in Yamaguchi in turmoil after student’s tablet records teachers’ room conversation

Tech tattled on touchy teacher talk.

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Train driver’s locked tablet with forgotten password leads to big delay on Fukushima line

Growing pains of digitizing trains in Japan.

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Kyoto families angered by new policy forcing high school students to buy tablets at own expense

Kyoto’s mandate seems to be one of the most burdensome on families in light of national directives for equipping students with electronic devices.

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Japan’s Minister in Charge of Information Technology Policy defends politicians’ use of paper

Says tree-based physical media is “easier” in certain situation.

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No sexy dialogue allowed for custom-order anime voice actor PCs, manufacturer says

Tokyo-based manufacturer specifically forbids one of Japan’s most time-honored steamy “welcome home” clichés.

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Let Potechinote do all the dirty potato chip work and keep your touchscreens sparkling

Potechinote is back with some fresh design changes!

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Never misclick on your smartphone again with Japanese Twitter user’s awesome life hack

Tip is a God-send for Net surfers and illustrators alike, and all you need is a pen (but you won’t be using it as a stylus).

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Attack on Titan car navigation system stars Survey Corps, a walled city and checkpoint giants

The live-action Attack on Titan movies may have been a bit of a disappointment, but we’ll always have the glorious anime. And now the animated protagonists from the acclaimed series are bringing their world into ours and guiding us around it with an amazing new tablet and car navigation system.

Filled with special extras including the opportunity to “rank up” according to distances travelled, a choice between “return to the wall” or “Survey Corps outer expedition” route views, and an appearance from a Titan when we pass through convenience store checkpoints, it’s bound to make trips to the grocery store much more exciting!

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Manga artist’s cat takes over her tablet, then Twitter

Ever since computers and laptops have become things everyone has in their homes, cats have done their darndest to prevent their owners from being able to work or surf the net for funny videos of other cats. In fact, even as I’m writing this, I’m attempting to keep one of my cats from lying all over my keyboard. However like most cats, she’s not very cooperative, which makes me wonder what Japanese companies like these were thinking when they decided cats would make a great addition to the office environment.

When tablets first came out, cat owners like myself had reason to rejoice because it meant we no longer needed a desk or other hard surface cats could potentially walk all over to be productive online. However, it appears we spoke too soon, and cats were only biding their time until they could figure out how to best thwart these new rivals for their owners’ attention, like one Japanese pet owner whose cat turned her tablet into a house.

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