Now you don’t need to go out in public to treat yourself to some delicious boba tea.

As Domino’s Japan has taught us, tapioca is still a thing in Japan. And with the nation being encouraged to stay indoors, many are craving a cold glass of tapioca milk tea.

That’s probably why Japanese tapioca bubble tea stand Tapista (which has adorable shop fronts, by the way) is now providing a solution to fill the tapioca-less gap in your soul – because, let’s face it, it’s hard to perfect a good glass of bubble tea at home.

▼ Here’s what their colorful shop fronts look like; the milk tea is just as vibrant!

Tapista’s home tapioca kits include six servings of bubble tea and all of the tools you need to make it (minus the milk). You’ll get two servings each of Tapista’s original milk tea flavor, Uji matcha latte, and brown sugar syrup milk tea, as well as extra brown sugar and brown sugar syrup for layering and topping.

▼ And of course, it includes six servings of tapioca pearls!

All of this goes for 3,465 yen (US$32.18), which isn’t have bad considering that it’s the same Tapista flavor, and shipping is free (only limited to Japan). There’s even a coupon for a free topping that you can use for your to-go at Tapista stores around Japan.

If you know that six measly servings of tapioca aren’t enough to satisfy your hunger, you can also purchase an extra six servings of their original black tapioca pearls or their brown sugar syrup tapioca pearls for an additional 480 yen (US$4.46).

▼ You could even use the extra pearls in your homemade bubble tea.

Tapista is also hosting an Instagram photo contest that lasts until August 31. If you win Best Photo in either the Illustration, Smile, or Home categories, you could win Tapista goods or the grand prize of 100 free Tapista drink coupons!

▼ Here’s what one of the earlier entries looks like.

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Of course, there’s always the option to simply enjoy your Tapista tapioca in peace, even if it’s in your ramen.

Source: PR Times
Images: PR Times, Tapista online shop
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