This viral photograph proves that sometimes the best things in life are closest to home.

Twitter user @Go_to_Sekai travelled the globe for fours years, taking some amazing photographs only to come back home to Japan and have this photograph go viral online.

Here is the photograph of Tokyo’s skyline during sunset that is causing a stir online:

The photograph has been retweeted over 40,000 times and liked over 80,000 times in the space of three days.

@Go_to_Sekai says that he used a Nikon D750 camera with a TAMRON SP 15-30mm lense. Asked whether he made adjustments to the image @Go_to_Sekai replied:

“Of course, I’ve made adjustments. A photograph without adjustments is like a woman going on a date without makeup.”

Another photograph taken by @Go_to_Sekai on the same evening has also had a significant impact online with over 1,000 retweets.

@Go_to_Sekai has posted other incredible photos of Japan since coming home from his around-the-world adventure, although they barely made a scratch on the Internet’s reaction meter. Just goes to show there is a fine line between hitting the viral jackpot and being lost in the mass online content.

▼ The view from Roppongi Hills

▼ Stone path in Kyoto

▼ Okinawa

▼ Arashiyama, Kyoto

▼ Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto

And here are a couple of photographs taken by @Go_to_Sekai during his trip around the world.

▼ The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

▼ The ancient city of Bagan in Myanmar

People have reacted to @Go_to_Sekai’s viral Tokyo sunset photograph with comments such as:

“It’s been a while since I was moved by a photograph.”
“It looks like a scene in a movie.”
“I made this my wallpaper.”

Some are even saying the photograph looks like it could have come from a scene from the recently released Japanese animation movie Your name (Kimi no na wa).

▼ The movie trailer for Your name

So, do you think the Internet is a good judge of a photograph? Was @Go_to_Sekai’s viral photograph really better than the all his other snapshots?

Source: Spotlight, Twitter/Go_to_Sekai
Images: Twitter/Go_to_Sekai