Gorgeously mysterious photos of the sky above…and a town below?

It’s natural to feel a little gloomy on rainy days, but it’s important to remember that eventually the clouds will clear, and there’s going to be a pure blue sky waiting behind them. So keep your head up, and eventually things will start to look better…

…or keep your head down, if you’re in a spot to see a breathtaking view like the one captured in this photo from Japanese Twitter user @shnimohus.

“The upside-down world I saw after the rain,”@shnimohus describes the picture with, and it’s hard to argue with that visual interpretation. The sky seems to stretch as far below as it does above, with only a thin strip of ground anchoring the mirror-image buildings.

At the risk of squashing your sense of wonder, what’s really going on here is @shnimohus found a perfectly still puddle of fallen rainwater, then positioned his camera to capture as much of the reflection as he did the above-horizon scenery.

How close to immaculate is the inversion? Take a loot at this reaction…

…in which someone spun the original photo 180 degrees, but if you didn’t know it ahead of time, you’d likely think the top half was the actual town and sky.

This isn’t the only time @shnimohus has snapped a photo that makes people think there just might actually be a parallel world underneath ours, either.

If you’re looking to take shots like these, @shnimohus recommends bringing your camera lens as close up, and down, to the surface of the water as you can, since the key is to create the same sense of scale in the reflection portion as the non-reflection part. The inverted world, after all, should be every big as the non-inverted one that we live in.

Not that @shnimohus needs a puddle to take an amazing photo though, as he proves with examples like these.

Thar sort of talent isn’t the sort of thing a person acquires overnight, but if you’re wondering how many years @shnimohus has been working as a professional photographer, you’ll probably be surprised to hear that the guy is still a college student. Whether he decides to eventually go down that career path or not, though, we’re looking forward to seeing whatever he points his lens at next.

Source: Twitter/@shnimohus via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@shnimohus
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