Girls Closet is latest initiative from Tokyo-based josou services company.

Tokyo-based company Uni specializes in services in the field of josou, men dressing as women. In addition to managing a josou bar where customers with no prior experience can dabble in the practice, it also periodically hosts josou events for veterans and newcomers alike.

However, the company realizes that not all people interested in trying josou live in a community with access to such facilities and gatherings, and that even those who do may prefer to dress as a woman in a more private way. So for them, Uni is launching Girls Closet, a monthly subscription service that provides women’s clothing and josou advice to users.

For a monthly fee, users will get a coordinated rental outfit, cosmetics, and access to an expanding library of video tutorials with josou tips and advice. While anyone can sign up, girls Closet is conceived as “a subscription service that even men who have never done josou even once can make use of.”

Outfits are delivered to the customer’s home, allowing them to try the clothing on and see if it’s to their liking at their leisure, something josou neophytes may feel awkward attempting to do in a brick-and-mortar retail shop. If the ensemble isn’t to the customer’s liking, they can send it back and receive a new one, and since Girls Closet itself handles all cleaning, there’s no need to wash the outfit before returning it.

On the other hand, for those who really like the set they receive, there’s no return deadline for any particular outfit, and if you keep the same set for three months continually, Girls Closet’s system makes you its permanent owner (i.e. after you’ve rented the same outfit for three months, you’ve bought it and can keep it while still receiving another set). There are also added benefits for premium plan members, such as wigs, lingerie, and monthly video chat conferences with a personal josou coordinator.

▼ Girls Closet introductory video

Girls Closet’s plans start at 10,000 yen (US$93) a month for the Light Plan and top out at the 30,000-yen/month Premium Plan. The service launches on July 1.

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Source: PR Times via MDN Design Interactive via Livedoor News via Otakomu

Images: PR Times
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