They say cats always land on their feet, and if you’ve got a soft spot for felines, these six designs should be a similarly successful fashion choice.

Last month, Felissimo, Japan’s premiere supplier of cat-themed lifestyle items, caught out attention with the latest additions to its line of feline-inspired lingerie. As attractive as the designs are, though, they’re not really the sort of things you can show off to your kitty-loving acquaintances, unless one of them happens to also be your lover.

On the other hand, Felissimo’s new Narikiri Nyanko (“Kitty Transformation”) socks allow you to share the feline fun with anyone.

Made of a nylon/polyester blend, Felissimo says the socks aren’t just soft, but also breathe well enough to be comfortable to wear even in the fast-approaching summer months.

However, the big draw here, of course, is how cute the socks look. Along with their stripes and spots, they feature rubberized paw pads on their soles, to give you a little extra grip so you can walk with cat-like grace over otherwise slippery surfaces.

The entire lineup consists of six different designs, but that won’t actually be an issue if you love cats but hate making decisions. Like many of Felissimo’s offerings, each month a different pair of socks will be shipped to purchasers, with the surprise of finding out which design is that month’s ostensibly being something like the joy of finding an adorable stray cat that’s wandered into your garden.

Orders can be placed here through Felissimo’s website, and in another similarity with many of its other products, a portion of the sales will be used to fund animal welfare activities specifically looking out for the wellbeing of cats, with the company setting aside 22 yen of each 808-yen (US$7.30) pair of socks for such purposes.

Source: Felissimo via IT Media
Images: Felissimo (edited by SoraNews24)