The anticipated opening of the the miniature figure park was delayed by the coronavirus, but is now planned to open in June.

There’s a new attraction in town, and it’s been waiting patiently for the chance to have its grand opening. Small Worlds Tokyo, the miniature world theme park originally scheduled to open for the first time on April 25, is finally able to unveil its tiny world to the public on June 11, now that the state of emergency has been lifted.

What is a miniature world theme park? Exactly what you think it is — a display made up of tiny moving figures where you can go to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The idea is that, by watching tiny little figures live their own lives, you can take a break from yours and reset your spirit.

Small Worlds Tokyo is an indoor theme park made up of four floors and 8,000 square meters (more than 86,000 square feet). The first floor is the Departure Floor, and one floor up is the Departure Lounge, which includes a restaurant that serves cuisine from around the world. Above that is where you’ll find the Small Worlds, and then on the fourth floor is the Creator’s Floor, where you can get a sense of how the theme park was created.

The Small Worlds floor itself is currently divided into seven different worlds: the Space Center, the Global Village, Kansai International Airport, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Evangelion: Cage, Evangelion: Tokyo-III, and an in-progress Tokyo area. Each of the worlds will not only include detailed miniature recreations of real life and fictional places, but also make use of augmented and virtual reality technology to make them truly immersive.

As the opening date approaches they’re releasing more detailed information about each of the worlds, and the most recent announcement was about the Sailor Moon world! In this world you can get a crystal clear view of the 1990s Azabu Juban area of Tokyo, where Usagi lives in the anime and manga. In fact, the world is specifically designed based on the first four volumes on the manga. Plus, a miniature version of the Crystal Tokyo of the future has also been reproduced, including a replica of the Silver Millenium.

The activity of the world also changes based on the time of day. For example, during the day, Usagi and her friends can be seen living life and having fun together, but at night they transform into Sailor Scouts and fight evil by moonlight. Sailor Moon fans will definitely want to see this!

You can also apply to become a resident of the Sailor Moon Small World. While some of the other areas have already been filled with residents, the Sailor Moon area will start accepting applications on June 5 at 1 p.m. That means that you can have your own miniature figure appear in the Sailor Moon World if you purchase the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Area Figure with Residency Rights Program for 19,800 yen (for adults) or 17,600 yen (for high school age children or younger) (US$183.85 or $163.42 respectively).

▼ “Evangelion: Cage” world

The package includes a 1/80 scale figure of you, created from a 3-D scan, as well as the rights for the figure to live in the miniature world of Sailor Moon for one year, plus a 1/35 scale figure of yourself that you get to keep, a year pass to Small Worlds Tokyo, and one single-use entry pass you can use for a friend.

Small Worlds Tokyo opens on June 11 in the Ariake area of Tokyo. It sounds like a fun little place to check out and contribute to, so why not give it a try?

Park Information
Small Worlds Tokyo
Tokyo, Koto City, Ariake 1-3-33 Ariake Butsuryu Center
東京都江東区有明1丁目3−33 有明物流センター
Open daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. (subject to change without notice depending on the virus)

Source: PR Times, Nijimen
Images: PR Times

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