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Hundreds of otaku line up to get spanked by anime voice actress at Tokyo event

Star of Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Symphogear gives a very special hello to her fans’ butts.

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Pretty Cure fan reveals cost of purchasing every DVD and CD of the anime series, and it’s a lot

Which do you think costs more, the most expensive taco in the world or the entire video and musical anthology of magical girl anime franchise Pretty Cure?

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Hamster anime song has Taiwanese club-goers throwing shapes in the church of dance 【Video】

Surreal scene as dancers in Taipei club go wild for remix of Japanese Hamtaro anime theme song.

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Japan’s beautiful cosplay violinist dazzles the eyes and ears in cover videos, surprise concerts

Musical and visual tributes to anime including Your Name, Sailor Moon, often require her to cosplay as two different characters in the same video.

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Can you sing at least one anime song? Then you’re a step closer to a job with this company

Pass the first stage interview with karaoke! Or, by playing wink murder.

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Anime song fitness video series kicks off with exercise routine for the Evangelion theme【Video】

“Cruel Angel” aims to make healthy otaku.

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Anime song-playing, lightning-shooting Tesla coil is world’s coolest high school science project

One of anime’s most famous opening themes, but like it’s never been heard before.

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Canadian anime vocalist Himeka vents about frustrations working in the Japanese music industry

In 2008, anime fans around the world would have loved to trade places with Catherine St. Onge, better known by her stage name, Himeka. The then-27-year-old Canadian singer had just won a national anime song contest in Japan, besting over 3,000 rivals to secure a recording contract and guaranteed theme song performance for an upcoming anime series.

Unfortunately, fame is a fickle thing. Unable to secure commercial success or a new work visa, Himeka had to return to Canada in 2014, even as she wistfully stated she wanted to remain in Japan forever. A year later, though, she’s singing a very different tune, tweeting that she “probably shouldn’t have come to Japan” in the first place and regrets her time in the country.

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“I buy sausage”, “Meet a mega bear” – Misheard anime lyrics video has us howling with laughter

We’ve rambled in detail and at length before about how there’re lots of words in Japanese that kinda sound like English. But it turns out that anime songs can be a gold mine of hilarious aural misinterpretations for English-speakers with lyrics that, while totally innocuous in Japanese, sound absolutely hysterical to some listeners who aren’t proficient in the language.

A video showcasing a few of the best has recently surfaced on YouTube, and we’ve been spitting coffee on our keyboards each time we rewatch it. It’s just TOO funny! Warning: this post (and the video itself) contain some very naughty, NSFW (misheard) language!

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