It’s gonna take more than one call to insurance for this one. 

Associated with lush, verdant groves, bamboo can be both a pleasant element of the natural landscape or an ever-growing scourge. Especially for this one netizen who went to visit their grandparents’ house in the countryside and came across a shocking discovery: a bamboo stalk growing right out of the kitchen floor.

MSkun (@ma_Estate) posted a photo of the rogue bamboo shoot on Twitter. With the house’s floor splintered around its curving stalk and sprigs of leaves brushing against the ceiling, the growing bamboo shoot certainly left a strong impression.

“I went to the boonies to visit my grandparents’ house after a month, and I found this bamboo shoot growing out of the floor.”

“Please let warranty know I’m not responsible for this!!”

Twitter users responded with amusement, cracking jokes about the situation:

“Are you planning on killing this one with poison? Because no doubt its shoot-siblings will be lying in wait nearby, oof.”

“Hmm, maybe you should try getting some rent outta this fella. How does that sound?”

“This is the domain of the bamboo!”

“Princess Kaguya: *shows up* Hi!” (Note: The protagonist of Japanese folk story “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter,” Princess Kaguya is found as a baby in a cut bamboo stalk.)

“For people who want to live in the countryside, I wonder if they have to brace themselves for this type of situation…”

While it’s easy to find amusement in MSkun’s photo since there is a rather comical element with the image of an out-of-place bamboo shoot in the domestic space of the kitchen, bamboo growing through a house can become an actual threat. Bamboo shoots are rapid growers and have the strength to break the foundation of a house. Some shoots have been recorded to grow as fast as three feet a day, like these traffic cone-wearing ones.

▼ With the proper means, bamboo can be cultivated into scenic sites such as this one below.

▼ Understandably, several considerate netizens urged MSkun to be careful.
(Translation below)

“Hey, this isn’t just something to be carefree about! This is a pretty serious situation. If there’s one bamboo shoot popping up, usually more will pop up after it! Moving out should be fine, but please stay safe!”

▼ MSkun followed up promptly to confirm that their grandparents are safe.

“It’s all good as nobody lives here anymore. Everything’s been taken care of, but thank you still for checking in!”

Though MSkun hasn’t stated how or when the intruding bamboo shoot would be removed from their grandparents’ house, at least there are tons of ideas out there as to what to do with all the extra bamboo. After all, from biodegradable straws to electricity-free speakers, the list of innovation-by-bamboo doesn’t run short.

Source, top image: Twitter/@ma_Estate
Insert image: Pakutaso
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