Bougie bougie down, fast artisanal coffee coming to town.   

Founded in Oakland, California around 2002, Blue Bottle Coffee is best known for its minimalist design and as a major member of the third wave coffee movement.

The franchise has since expanded to Japan with over 15 shops across the nation, but starting from the beginning of August, fans and curious folks alike can purchase Blue Bottle Coffee goods from a set of vending machines.

▼ This is cool and all, but can I buy the coffee with my face?

Titled as the “Blue Bottle Coffee Quick Stand,” the vending machines will be placed in Shibuya and are a convenient way for coffee enthusiasts to skip lining up for two hours just for an artisanal cup of joe. Furthermore, an additional perk to the vending machines is that they will be seasonally updated — there will always be something new to try year-round for the Blue Bottle Coffee lover.

For August’s limited edition item, one of Blue Bottle Coffee’s most distinctive blends, Bella Donovan, consisting of beans from Ethiopia, Sumatra, and Peru, will be available for a brief period of time for 1,620 yen (US$15.29).

For those who want something to drink on the go, the vending machines will offer cans of cold brew coffee at 640 yen per can ($6). From left to right, there are three flavors: Bright, Bold, and Single Origin. The Single Origin flavor is a slight homage to Blue Bottle Coffee’s dedication to sourcing single-origin coffee beans, or beans that come from one farm and/or country.

▼ Fun factoid of the day: early historical records pinpoint Kyoto, Japan as the birthplace of cold brew coffee.

Priced for the same amount of yen as the Bella Donovan blend, instant coffee sticks are also available for purchase through the vending machines. Each box of instant coffee contains five sticks.

If you’re an individual concerned about sustainability, the vending machines have reusable, eco-friendly coffee cups as part of their inventory, available at 1,940 yen each. (US$18.32) Stamped with the Blue Bottle Coffee logo, the cup has a simple but chic design if you want to flex a more bougie aesthetic without going overboard.

The Blue Bottle Coffee Quick Stand will begin operation from 3 p.m. on August 7. While there’s no doubt that the hardcore lovers of Blue Bottle Coffee will be eagerly anticipating future limited edition goods, we’re more curious as to whether or not red bean gelatin cakes will ever be dispensed through these new vending machines.

Vending Machine Location
Located at:
Repark Shibuya 1-Chome #9 /「三井のリパーク」渋谷1丁目第9駐車場
Address: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya 1-9-14

Source, images: PR Times
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