Ever wanted to sip a rare coffee blend, made of beans from 100-year old trees in Panama? Lawson is here to help!

The humble, ubiquitous convenience store is a godsend when it comes to getting your daily early morning dose of caffeine. No matter which of the branches you prefer, it’s likely they’ll stock their own brand of the bitter brown stuff, and usually at a price that isn’t too rough on your wallet.

But surely it must be true that the cheapest coffee can’t always satisfy your cravings? What about those times when you want a hint of sophistication in your convenience store coffee cup? What if there are no Starbucks within walking distance, but you have an abundance of Lawson stores?

Then thank goodness for this new product in the Lawson line-up.


Lawson’s new luxury coffee experience comes under the moniker “Typica Special Reserve Panama Berliner Estate” and will cost 500-yen (US$4.44) for a small size cup, meaning it’s even pricier than swanky coffee from Ueshima Coffee House or Komeda Coffee.

The coffee costs so much because of the prestigious beans it’s brewed from, making for an extravagant experience not often served outside premium coffee hot spots. The beans are harvested from rare, 100-year-old Typica trees in Panama, and only about 2.7 tons of the beans are harvested yearly. Lawson has staked a claim on one ton of this year’s harvest, hoping that its high-quality brew and curiously floral aroma will bring coffee connoisseurs to the 2,500 of their stores that will offer the beverage.

Having a sophisticated coffee like this in their line-up will definitely give Lawson more of a homegrown cafe vibe, which always seemed to be the aim of their Machi Cafe products in the first place. While everybody can enjoy a good cup of Joe, it’s not always easy to get your hands on novel taste sensations, and by reserving such a large percentage of the Typica beans, Lawson has made it just that little bit easier for their customers.

Source: Sankei News via Otakomu
Featured image: Twitter/@anitokyo777