Yoshiki Titan does what the X-Japan founder does best.

With his command of a wide range of musical instruments, cultured aesthetic sensibilities, and international mindset, there’s no telling where legendary Japanese musician Yoshiki is going to show up next. Rubbing elbows with the queen of England at a polo match? Appearing on the cover of Vogue magazine? Giving a weather report on French TV? All places Yoshiki’s talents and charisma have taken him.

So going beyond the realms of 2-D reality? Definitely not a problem for Yoshiki, who’s the latest person to transform into one of the fleshless anime giants from Attack on Titan.

The short video Attack on Yoshiki casts the X Japan front man as a member of the anime’s Survey Corps. But like a handful of the organization’s other ordinarily human scouts, when Yoshiki bites down on his thumb…

…he turns into a towering Titan!

While the majority of the series’ Titans appear as agents of mindless destruction and people-eating, occasionally one appears who defends humanity. However, the Yoshiki Titan isn’t here to fight, here’s here to rock.

The Yoshiki Titan also has a colossal drum set, and the musician roars and pounds away with the wild energy that’s become Yoshiki’s signature/surgery-prompting style of play.

The Yoshiki Titan closes out his set by taking a gulp from a can of Wanda-brand canned coffee, since the video is also an ad from the Asahi Soft Drink Company.

▼ Which makes you wonder, how big of a vending machine would you need for cans that size?

The three-way tie-up also includes special Wanda cans with Attack on Titan art, some of which feature Yoshiki, which will be on sale for a limited time.

Unfortunately for Yoshiki mega-fans, the mega-sized Yoshiki appears to be a one-time character who won’t be showing up in the series proper, and so we can probably rule out the possibility that the musician is the person holding the baby in what Attack on Titan’s creator has promised will be the very last scene of the manga.

Source: Comic Natalie via Otakomu, PR Times
Featured image: YouTube/アサヒ飲料公式YouTubeチャンネル
Top, insert images: PR Times
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