Lack of rainy conditions sadly prevents Japanese visual kei music legend from saying weather will rock viewers like a hurricane.

Yoshiki, leader of legendary visual kei band X Japan, is a very multi-faceted artist. In addition to playing the drums and piano for the band, he’s also their primary songwriter and an accomplished classical music composer.

In addition, he owns a number of recording studios overseas and is involved in ventures beyond the music industry, having dabbled in kimono design, winemaking, and a collaboration with Hello Kitty. And now Yoshiki is once again testing the waters of a new field: TV weather forecasting, as shown in a video clip tweeted by the artist himself.

Yoshiki, long open to the idea of working with non-Japanese creative partners, was a guest on a French television program where he gave the day’s forecast in English, with French subtitles. Dressed in his customary rock star garb, he let viewers know that “The sky clears in the afternoon and sun is shining all over France.”

With a music career that stretches back decades, Yoshiki is no stranger to the spotlight. Still, he seemed a little nervous in this new role, though even that seemed to add to fans’ appreciation of his performance, with online comments including:

“It’s so cute seeing him get flustered.”
“Seeing Yoshiki act shy while delivering the forecast gets my heart all aflutter.”
“I love Yo-chan’s voice so much.”
“I want him to do the forecast in Japan too.”
“Lovely. Do your best, but please don’t push yourself too hard.”
“Great job! Now please get some rest.”

The last two remarks are in reference to Yoshiki’s recent health woes, which include rocking so hard and so long that he required emergency surgery in Los Angeles earlier this year. His forecast on French TV seems to have been a one-time thing, but if he should ever decide to retire from music entirely, it looks like his fans would be happy to see him start a second career in meteorology.

Source: Twitter/@YoshikiOfficial via Jin
Featured image: Twitter/@YoshikiOfficial