But could you really trust a signature endorsed by Char Aznable?

When signing important documents in Japan, it’s common not to whip out a pen, but a personal seal stamp. With names written in Japanese often having far more strokes than they would in the Latin alphabet, a personal seal (called an “inkan” in Japanese), can save you a lot of time and writer’s cramp, especially since Japan is still pretty keen on physical paper documents.

Using a personal seal can, ironically, feel a little impersonal though, since you’re not actually forming the lines of your signature with your own hand. However, there are ways to add individual flair to them, and the latest is by enlisting he help of anime’s most celebrated robot, Gundam.

Merchandiser Premium Bandai is now offering self-inking Mobile Suit Gundam personal seals, and the selection goes far beyond the titular mecha itself. A total of 19 different designs are available, split between three divisions.

Representing the Earth Federation Forces are the RX-78 Gundam, pilot protagonist Amuro Ray, the RB-79 Ball space pod, White Base crew member Sayla Mass, mascot robot Haro, and the Federation emblem.

Charismatic antagonist Char Aznable gets an entire line of seals to himself, consisting of two portraits of the character (in mask and aviator shades), the custom versions of his Zaku and Z’Gok mobile suits, the high-spec Zeong mecha, and his individual crest.

And last, the Zeon military faction is made up of the standard Zaku, Dom, and Acguy mobile suits, aristocratic officers Gihren and Garma Zabi, decorated soldier Ramba Ral, and the Zeon emblem.

In addition to your choice of illustration, you can pick between six different fonts for rendering your name, and also six shades of ink (black, red, blue, green purple, and orange).

Each seal is priced at 2,970 yen (US$28) and can be ordered here, with shipping scheduled for February. And if you like the idea of adding anime appeal to your signature, but want a softer touch, you could always go with a Pokémon inkan.

Source: Premium Bandai via Japaaan
Images: Premium Bandai
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