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Anime’s most famous magical mother and daughter are here with a stylish alternative to signing your name.

In Japan, it’s customary to finalize legal documents not with your signature, but by stamping your official seal onto the paper. Dramatic as that may sound, though, the item itself, called a hanko or inkan in Japanese, is just a short, plain tube with your name carved at one end.

So if you’d like something that lends a little more graceful elegance to the proceedings, anime merchandiser Bandai is here to help with two new Sailor Moon personal seal holders.

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Officially called the Miracle Name Stamp Case, the set consists of two 12-centimeter (4.7-inch) long holders, one modeled after Sailor Moon’s Spiral Heart Moon Rod from the anime’s Sailor Moon S arc, and the other based on the Pink Moon Stick wielded by the titular heroine’s daughter Sailor Chibi Usa.

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The holders are designed to work with manufacturer Shachihata’s Name 9 model of personal seal, with the top of the case attaching to the non-stamping end of the inkan and the cap serving as a base so that the whole thing can stand upright.

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The mix of pearlescent coating and translucent materials also provides a shojo manga-like sparkle.

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If we’re being picky, it’s a little odd to style one of the holders after the kindergarten-age Chibi Usa’s Pink Moon Stick, seeing as how minors in Japan don’t generally have personal seals of their own. It’s also a little puzzling that the cases are only sold in a set of two.

Still, at just 3,024 yen (US$25) for both holders, the bundle is reasonably priced, especially if you decide to go half-in on it with another Sailor Moon fan and take one holder each. Alternatively, the set is also great for completionist collectors or people who’ve assumed multiple identities while on the lam after busting out of prison following being arrested for a crime they didn’t commit.

If any of those sound like scenarios you find yourself in, the Miracle Name Stamp Case set can be ordered here from online retailer Premium Bandai, with shipment scheduled for May.

Source: Premium Bandai
Images: Premium Bandai (edited by RocketNews24)