This toilet-seat themed comedy just went retro.

By this point, you may or may not be familiar with The Benza, a comedy that depicts the victories and struggles that main characters Chris and Kyle face as ex-pats living in Japan (granted, their experience isn’t exactly the norm).

Well, this award-winning webseries has now been made into a playable retro RPG form that you can download for free — no in-app purchases at all!

▼ Here’s a trailer for the game, which gives you just enough sneak peeks to make you want more.

The game features the scenic views of the characters’ Tokyo neighborhood of Higashi-Nakano, such as the inside of a Japanese school. There are a ton of playable characters, and over 250 lines recorded by the cast!

Without giving away anything, the aim of the game is to save Higashi-Nakano, which has been put under a curse by the evil Inko-Sensei that turned everyone into an RPG. Oh, and one of the main characters was kidnapped.

▼ In true retro RPG style, there are NPCs, treasures, and more to enjoy in each scene.

And, of course, there’s the quintessential part of any good RPG: the battles. There’s a slew of regular monsters and enemies that tie back into the series, where you’ll get a chance to gain experience points and level up.

▼ And then there are the bosses, like the sinister Inko-Sensei.

Since this retro RPG is based off a comedy webseries, there are also a ton of subtle and not-so-subtle jokes scattered throughout the characters’ dialogue. The quest is a serious one, but you’ll have plenty of laughs along the way.

▼ Some of the more suggestive lines are probably what gives the game a 12+ rating in the Apple store.

Whether or not you’ve seen The Benza or its spin-off, Benza English, we bet you’ll be entertained by this free RPG’s characters, dialogue, storyline, and scenes.

It’s only available on the Apple store right now , but it’s coming to the Google Play store soon!

Source, images: Tokyo Cowboys
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