The Idolmaster cast will be waiting to serve travelers.

Success in the Japanese idol singer world is something that often has to be built up from a grass-roots level. Because of that, it’s not that unusual for up-and-coming idols to still have to work some sort of non-show business job on the side to make ends meet.

So it wouldn’t be too shocking to find out that the front desk clerk checking you into your hotel is also an idol singer. What would be a serious surprise, though, is if she’s also an anime character, but that’s exactly what’s going to be happening at one hotel in Tokyo.

When customers walk into the lobby of Building 1 of the Hen na Hotel Asakusa Tawaramachi, in Tokyo’s Asakusa neighborhood, there’ll be a contingent of characters from anime/video game franchise The Idolmaster waiting, in hologram form, to help them get checked in.

▼ It’s all in keeping with the chain’s philosophy, since Henn na Hotel translates to “Weird Hotel.”

In addition to the hologram anime girl check-in service, there’ll also be Idolmaster art throughout the hotel, with decorations in the lobby, rooftop terrace, hotel restaurant and bar, and all 217 guestrooms in the building.

As an added bonus, the in-room TV programming will feature not only preexisting Idolmaster anime, but also new video content that can’t be seen anywhere other than Henn na Hotel.

In addition to the otaku-oriented aesthetics, the hotel also boasts a location close to the cultural attractions of the Asakusa and Ueno districts, and also has easy subway access to the anime fan mecca of Akihabara.

▼ Certain accommodation packages also include exclusive Henn na Hotel/Idolmaster merchandise, such as luggage tags, key rings, leather trays, and reusable shopping bags.

The hotel’s Idolmaster theme will be running from January 14 to February 15, with guestroom reservations for that period opening on October 30. And if you want your hotel to be weirder still, there’s always the Henn na Hotel branch with robot dinosaurs.

Hotel information
Henn na Hotel Tokyo Asakusa Tawaramachi / 変なホテル東京浅草田原町
Address: Tokyo-to, Taito-ku, Kotobuki 3-19-8

Source, images: Press release
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