Derailment at a sushi restaurant leaves everyone confused.

One of Japan’s most popular conveyer belt sushi chains, Kura Sushi, is well-known for their chocolate-fed fishcheddar cheese tempura and cola made from white rice.

They’re also known for serving sushi via conveyor belt, on dishes covered with domed lids for hygiene and freshness. When diners see something they fancy, they simply lift up the lid, take the dish out from inside and let the empty dome continue on its merry way around the restaurant until it returns to the kitchen.

However, the onus really is on diners to know the system and use it properly, because one wrong move could cause mayhem like this to occur.

▼ Take a look at the derailment at the top right of this photo.

These photos were snapped by Twitter user @DAIHEN_SIKI800C at a Kura Sushi branch in Japan recently. They say that just before the derailment happened they heard an adult admonishing their child in the next booth, saying “No, don’t do that“.

As you can see, the domes have piled up on top of each other, causing them to derail off the conveyor belt into a confusing mess.

It’s unclear what these diners next door are doing. They might be trying to help the situation or making matters worse, either intentionally or unintentionally.

The pileup shows just how quickly the sushi train can become derailed at any moment, and it didn’t take long for the tweet to go viral online.

People who saw the chaotic scene were quick to add their own comments to the discussion online.

“Because it’s a booth, it’s probably someone with children. This is why parents shouldn’t let children sit on the lane side.”
“I don’t know what’s going on here, but it looks like someone needs to have words with their child.”
“This won’t happen unless you intentionally clog up the lane. If you do it intentionally, you’ll be required to pay damages.”
“The parents of the child need to properly apologise to all customers and compensate Kura Sushi for the inconvenience.”
“Who takes sushi from the conveyor belt nowadays anyway? You don’t know how long it’s been there for. It’s always better to order it with staff so you can get it fresh.”
“I used to work part-time at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, and this happened about once a month.”

It may well be true that a child who was unable to get their dish in time caused the derailment, but let this be a warning to all of us next time we visit a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. It’s not always easy to make a split-second decision as tasty morsels pass us by, especially when they contain three luxury layers of caviar, sea urchin and fatty tuna.

But as long as we’re able to pick our selections — or our childrens’ selections — off the conveyor belt in time, we should be able to avoid an embarrassing derailment that impinges on the enjoyment of fellow diners.

Source, images: Twitter/@DAIHEN_SIKI800C via Jin 
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