Game Booster promises to replenish energy for smartphone, PC, and console gamers.

What’s the most formidable enemy in video gaming? Punch-Out!!’s insanely powerful Mike Tyson? King of Fighters 94’s ridiculously cheap Rugal? Any of a half-dozen Dark Souls bosses who’ve claimed the lives of thousands of controllers thrown into walls in fits of post-defeat rage?

Nope. According to our Japanese-language reporter Daiki, the toughest adversary for a gamer is hunger. Whether through immersive design or compelling play mechanics, the best games are those that reward focus and attention, but nothing breaks that mental connection like the sound of your growling stomach.

▼ Daiki

Luckily for Daiki, Japanese food and beverage company Morinaga makes a special nutrition gelatin specifically for gamers. Part of its “in Jelly” lineup, the new in Game Booster is available exclusively through Amazon Japan here, on the pretty sound logic that if you’re buying drinkable gamer fuel, you’re probably tech-savvy enough that a bit of online ordering isn’t going to be a problem.

in Jelly Game Booster ships in an oblong box that looks a little like it could hold a video game console. Instead of hardware, though, the contents are six 180-gram (6.3-ounce) pouches of the drink, sold in a 1,580-yen (US$14) bundle.

Each pouch is 180 calories, and the special ingredients of in Jelly Game Booster, compared to the other in Jelly versions, are Vitamin A and GABA natural amino acids. According to Morinaga, the drink is “formulated to replenish the energy of people enjoying smartphone, PC, or console games,” so Daiki grabbed a pouch and fired up his PlayStation 4.

After a couple minutes of playing, he opened the pouch and took a long sip.

This being real-life, obviously it didn’t instantly replenish Daiki’s stamina like a video-game power-up. He did get an immediate burst of flavor, though. in Jelly Game Booster has an extra-sweet blueberry taste (blueberry extract being one of the ingredients), and the stimulation of his taste buds served as an eye-opener.

But after going back to his game and periodically taking sips during breaks in the action, Daiki did indeed feel a little more focused. He’s not sure if that’s thanks to the influx of Vitamin A and amino acids, or just because the slightly syrupy texture of the drinkable gelatin was pleasantly filling and sent a message to his brain of “You’re receiving nutrition,” but in any case, he was finding it easy to concentrate on what was happening on-screen.

So in the end, Morinaga’s in Jelly Game Booster is a handy, smart choice for gamer fuel. Not only is it tasty and satisfying, it’s healthier than junk-food snacks, and also since it’s a drink, you won’t have to resort to using chopsticks to keep your controller clean.

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