Japanese company sells love potion, recommends secretly mixing it into your target’s food

Lingerie company’s attempt at coy sexiness backfires with public backlash and “date rape drug” accusations.

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Shoplifter drags drug store clerk 130 meters by car in Hyogo Prefecture

Tenacious clerk simply refused to let some vitamin-deficient bandits get away.

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Twin princesses are born into this world just as the queen’s life ends. Inseparable in childhood, their relationship will be ruptured when one girl’s destiny leads her to take up their mother’s legacy, leaving her sister filled with resentment at being denied the opportunity to serve as savior to her subjects, a role which she had believed a claim to was her birthright.

It sounds like the beginning of an exquisitely produced anime, and in fact, it is. But it’s also part of a startlingly compelling and continuing series of probiotic beverage ads.

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