Stylish creations keep your miso soup hot and your anmitsu cold.

The word “thermos” has become more or less synonymous with vacuum flasks, but the company named Thermos actually makes more than just insulated drink bottles. The latest example of its varied lineup comes from Thermos’ Japanese division, which has released a line of traditional Japanese tableware.

Of course, these being Thermos items means that they still retain the insulated properties you’d expect. The first of the two items is a chawan, or Japanese rice bowl, which stays cool to the touch as you hold it in your hand while keeping the grains inside warm throughout your meal.

▼ A visual simulation of heat distribution in the Thermos rice bowl (left) versus an ordinary one (right).

Though made out of stainless steel, Thermos’ Japanese tableware has the understated elegance that’s so highly valued in the country’s culinary traditions.

The second item, an owan, a bowl for miso soup and stews, even comes in a striking crimson reminiscent of classical Japanese lacquer.

▼ Compared to the rice bowl, the miso soup bowl has a less tapered shape to provide its liquid contents with greater stability.

While the main selling point is the items’ ability to keep hot foods hot, they can also keep cold food cold, as demonstrated here where one is being used to serve anmitsu, an old-school Japanese dessert of chilled fruit slices and anko sweet red beans.

The rice bowls are available in 250 or 350-milliliter sizes (8.5/11.8 ounces), and the miso soup bowls in 300 or 400 milliliters, with the smaller versions priced at 2,178 yen (US$20.75) and the larger at 2,508 yen. All can be ordered here through Thermos Japan’s online store.

Source: Thermos via IT Media
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