Pringles can drink bottles on sale at Japanese bookstores and convenience stores

Once you pop, you can’t stop…pouring hot drinks.

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Lawson now giving customers who bring their own tumblers an even better discount on coffee drinks

It’s nicer than Starbucks’ 20-yen discount!

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Thermos releases new line of insulated Japanese rice and miso soup bowls【Photos】

Stylish creations keep your miso soup hot and your anmitsu cold.

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Keep your tea warm with Thermos ala Japanese style!

Winter is closing in on Japan, with recent temperatures dropping as low as three degrees Celsius in central Tokyo. When it comes to keeping food and beverages warm on a day out, the all-familiar Thermos brand comes to mind.

The globally famous makers of possibly the best vacuum flasks in the world have been keeping our soups and coffees warm for more than a century, but this year, their Japanese counterparts are taking a step further to warm the hearts and drinks of the locals in the style of a Japanese teacup!

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