A ramen broth like nothing noodle fans have ever seen or tasted before.

Is there anything more lovely than a rainbow? A shining symbol of hope, most likely to appear as the skies clear and the sunlight sweeps away the darkness of a rainstorm, it’s a work of art created by scientific phenomena, and a reminder that, ultimately, our world is one filled with beauty.

…wait what are we talking about? Of course there’s something more lovely than a rainbow: a bowl of ramen!

But hold on…what if you combined the two?

Japan’s Dosanko ramen chain has created an extremely colorful new noodle offering. Developed in cooperation with social media company Snaplace, the Happy Rainbow Ramen seeks to catch your eye and turn up the corners of your mouth by applying the seven-shade aesthetic to a dish that’s normally just a few different hues of brown.

If the broth looks incredibly thick, that’s because the Happy Rainbow Ramen’s list of ingredients is almost as long as its list of colors. Dosanko starts with a miso broth base, since miso is the preferred ramen style in Hokkaido, the chain’s home prefecture. After combining Hokkaido and Nagano miso varieties, the chefs add curry to the mixture, and the Happy Rainbow Ramen broth gets a fourth contributor from cheese fondue sauce, which is what holds the special colors.

However, simply pouring everything straight into the bowl would cause the rainbow layers to run together into a uniform color, so the rainbow hues are also applied to seven slices of chashu roast pork, which are carefully arranged to preserve the appearance. You also get crisp vegetables and a seasoned soft-boiled ajitama egg.

The Happy Rainbow Ramen is now being offered at Dosanko branches and its sister restaurants in Tokyo (Dosanko Otemachi, Misozen Marunouchi, Dosanko Shin Kiba), Chiba (Dosanko Yachiyodai), Yamagata (Dosanko x Toritestu Tamahoidaimae) and Aichi (Dosanko Shimomaezu), priced at 1,280 yen (US$12.20).

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Source, images: PR Times
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