“A new way of enjoying cake” proposed by Japanese chocolatier. 

In Japan, KitKats can be grouped into several categories. There are standard multipacks sold at supermarkets and convenience stores, regional-exclusive flavours sold at airports and tourist sites, and, for chocolate lovers with luxury in mind, high-end varieties sold at exclusive KitKat Chocolatory boutiques.

There are seven of these boutiques in Japan, making their limited-edition releases particularly sought after, and this winter they’ll be releasing a special winter-only flavour called Rich Cheesecake Taste.

This premium KitKat has been created under the full supervision of Japanese patissier Yasumasa Takagi, who’s been at the helm for a lot of exclusive releases at the Chocolatory, including Ruby and Volcanic Chocolate.

▼ Takagi has now developed a chocolate that represents “a new way of enjoying cheesecake“.

The new KitaKat combines cream cheese powder and a special cheesecake flavour with couverture white chocolate that melts on the tongue and has a milky taste. The smooth, melting sensation of the chocolate is said to provide a delightful textural contrast to the crispy KitKat wafers, while delivering the rich, slightly tart taste of premium cheesecake to the taste buds.

▼ The celebration of cacao and cheesecake continues on the package design.

The winter-only Rich Cheesecake Taste will be available for a limited time from 15 December at KitKat Chocolatory boutiques and online. Priced at 300 yen (US$2.88) plus tax, these luxury chocolates — said to be a league above other cheesecake varieties produced in the past — are going straight on our Christmas wishlist this year, alongside the new Japanese KitKats aged in Scottish whisky barrels.

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Source, images: Press Release

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