Yoshinoya beef bowl set vs. its mini capsule toy version: how do they size up next to each other?

We take our gacha toys to a real branch of Yoshinoya to compare the two side-by-side. 
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Yoshinoya beef bowls become miniature gacha toys

Six sets so realistic they’re making our mouths water. 

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Wear your love of pickled ginger on your sleeve, bag, or keys with new capsule toy line

A giant in capsule toys teams up with a giant in pickled ginger for the first time ever.

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Sylvanian Families x Technics—we discover DJ turntable replicas are perfect for mini animal raves

Time to end the year on DJcore rather than cottagecore.

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Japanese public phones are immortalized in this utterly perfect miniature model

This capsule toy model of a Japanese public telephone got a great reception on Twitter!

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Miniature Japanese ryokan room captivates all our hearts with its teeny tiny perfection

A Twitter artist fashioned a super small hotel scene next to a plug socket, and we can’t stop staring at it.

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Bonrama combines Japanese bonsai-style scenery and railroad tracks to spiff up your room

You can now own a little part of Japan to have in your own room!

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Japanese brand Muji shrinks and rebuilds Tokyo using 10,000 of its items【Video】

See the sights and hear the sounds of Tokyo with this amazing recreation of the city using only Muji brand household products.

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Nunu’s in the house with miniature food and goodies for all【Photos】

Don’t worry your tiny hearts, we’ve got tiny foods for every mood!

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Talented Thai artist provides peek inside the secret world of miniature people【Photos】

We never stop talking about the different ways that people pay tribute to Studio Ghibli. Artists and designers create some amazing work that stems from the themes and ideas that the famous Japanese animation studio put on the silver screen.

One photographer from Thailand was struck with Ghibli-fluence after watching The Secret World of Arrietty and wondered, “What would life be like from the perspective of miniature people?” Take a look after the jump to see the secret world of tiny people not named Arrietty.

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Dollhouse dumplings! Are these the world’s tiniest gyoza?【Video】

Every area in Japan has its own local delicacies. As a long-time resident of Shizuoka Prefecture, I can tell you one of the best things my area has to offer is Hamamatsu-style gyoza, or pot stickers.

You can find all kinds of places offering up this delicious dish inside or outside the prefecture, but this is the first time we’ve ever seen it get a miniature makeover. How do these tiny dumplings measure up to the real thing? Let’s find out!

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Second-year Japanese high school student creates amazingly realistic dioramas

When I was in high school I thought I was pretty good at drawing, only to take a look at some of my work 10 years later and realize how hideous most of it looked. In fact, it’s more than a little embarrassing how proud I was back then over a couple of notebooks of ugly doodles.

But unlike myself, there are some really creative young artists out there producing top-notch work in between classes and studying. One recent example currently circulating the Japanese web is a collection of intricate dioramas put together by a second-year high school student.

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