”I’d like to speak with you in the Infinity Castle, please.”

This week, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train became the highest-grossing movie of all time in Japan. Again, not just the highest-grossing anime movie, or the highest-grossing Japanese-made movie, but the highest-grossing movie of any kind ever at Japanese theaters.

That’s a big accomplishment, and with the franchise’s pockets now flush with cash, Ufotable, the anime studio that produces Demon Slayer, is giving a little something back to fans, with a series of free-to-download video conference backgrounds from the series.

A total of six backgrounds are available, with two from the headquarters of the heroic Demon Slayer Corps (daytime and nighttime versions). On the other hand, if you like your conference settings a little more sinister, there’s also a background for the Infinity Castle.

If outdoor settings are more your style, there are also backgrounds featuring the ethereally beautiful wisteria flowers of Fujikasane Mountain and the round boulder of Sagiri Mountain, and rounding off the collection is a typical Japanese schoolroom chalkboard and podium, as a nod to the Kimetsu Gakuen spin-off omake animation.

All six backgrounds can be found here on Ufotable’s official website. Just bear in mind that the Infinity Castle is where villain Muzan murders underlings who’ve displeased him, so if you’re a manager who doesn’t want to freak your employees out, one of the others might be best for staff meetings.

Source: Ufotable via IT Media
Featured image: Ufotable
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