With Sailor Senshi course-meals and Princess Serenity wedding cakes these receptions will be something your guests will never forget.

When you’re planning a wedding, you’re actually planning two events: the ceremony, and the reception. So I think we can all agree that it would be pretty anticlimactic to walk down the aisle in one of those beautiful Japanese Sailor Moon bridal gowns only to then ask your friends and family to join you at a reception with no elements whatsoever from the iconic magical girl anime/manga franchise.

Thankfully, Japanese wedding planning company Arc-en-Ciel is prepared to help you with the second part of your special day, with their Sailor Moon Wedding Plan.

As your guests arrive, they’ll be served welcome drinks in the 10 image colors of the Sailor Senshi. The cocktails are non-alcoholic, so that even your party’s Chibiusa-age attendees can take part in the fun.

Once everyone is seated, the wait staff will begin bringing out a five-course meal, with each dish saluting one of the Inner Senshi (Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus).

This is followed by a dessert buffet featuring an array of bite-sized sweets, again taking their visual cues from the anime’s cast of characters, with even Tuxedo Mask and mentor kitties Luna and Artemis represented.

Fear not, though, because in a format that oft-hungry Usagi would fully approve of, the Sailor Moon Wedding Plan offers double desserts, as there’s also, of course, a wedding cake.

Actually, there are multiple cakes to choose from. Even non-fans should be able to recognize the Sailor Moon silhouette on the more compact cakes, while those more well-versed in the series’ lore will appreciate the strawberry spire adorned with Moon Stick and various forms of Sailor Moon’s transformation broaches or the tiered cake that incorporates several elements of Princess Serenity’s dress.

Finally, in keeping with Japanese wedding customs, there’s also a commemorative board to place at the entrance to your reception venue, with Sailor Moon’s power couple Usagi and Mamoru welcoming your guests.

Arc-en-Ciel will begin taking reservations for the Sailor Moon Wedding Plan on January 4, with receptions schedulable from February.

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Source: Arc-en-Ciel via Sailor Moon official website via Anime News Network/Choo Sum Lee
Top image: Arc-en-Ciel
Insert images: Sailor Moon official website, Arc-en-Ciel
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