Taiko capsule toy level: Expert!

Last month we caught wind of a new gacha capsule toy called “Maji de Naru Taiko” which literally translates to “Japanese Drum That Seriously Sounds“, and as the name suggests, the big drawcard for this little taiko is the fact that it’s been designed to sound like the real thing. 

With a specially designed surface and rim to replicate the different sounds of a Japanese drum, this unusual gacha toy even comes with a stand and three bachi, or drumsticks, to add to the authenticity. However, given the miniature size of everything in the set, we weren’t too sure how it could be played by a human, but here to show us how it’s done is Twitter user @wyrm06, who can not only play the tiny drums, but give us a mesmerising performance worthy of a standing ovation. 

▼ Take a look at the best tiny drum performance you’ll ever see.

Beating the drum at lightning speed, @wyrm06 even switches things up by hitting one side of the drum with his left hand while hitting the other side with his right. And that’s not all this talented drummer is capable of, as he even plays the removable lids side-by-side, holding them in one hand as if he’s been playing them like this all his life.

▼ No drumstick? No worries–you can always use your fingers instead!

This YouTube video shows even more ways the drum can be used, with bonus unwrapping footage and some extra cool ideas for changing the tone of the drum.

Viewers online were blown away by the drummer’s skills, saying:

“This drum is amazing, but the technique of the drummer is even more amazing!”
“Wow, I didn’t think you could get a performance like that out of a gacha capsule toy!”
“This really perked me up on my morning commute! Thank you!”
“It’s like a full combo on ‘Taiko no Tatsujin’!”
“I couldn’t take my eyes away, I watched all the videos from beginning to end!”
“I missed out on all the festivals last year, but listening to this performance made me feel like I was at a festival. Thank you!”

With so many festivals in Japan cancelled due to the pandemic, the sound of this tiny drum performance really does pull at the heartstrings with its fun festival feeling. If you’d like to recreate the sounds of a Japanese festival at home, these little toys are a perfect way to do it, and at 300 yen (US$2.89) each, they won’t break the bank, even if you buy more than one of them to master the way of the tiny drum.

Source: Twitter/@wyrm06 via Net Lab
Featured image: Twitter/@wyrm06

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