Japanese company creates face masks for musicians

Pandemic sax appeal. 

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Source of that weird sound Gundam Newtypes make found by Twitter user

The infamous sound effect used by Gundam and many other movies, songs, and anime is this humble instrument.

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Can rhythm games make you a pro drummer? Japanese DrumMania fans investigate【Video】

In a recent viral video, gamers test their skills at the local recording studio. Is all of that hot-blooded tapping a step on the way to stardom?

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We try out a 4 million yen guitar, also try to keep pants dry

Seiji Nakazawa has trouble keeping his continence in check as he strums on a guitar worth more than some people make in a year.

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Gotta sing ’em all: Devoted Pokémon fan makes personalized songs for 100 different Pokémon

Listen to the ballad for Bulbasaur, the ode to Eevee, and many, many more.

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Because we all want globular drum sets: Yamaha design teams take creativity to a new level

Have you ever been in that situation when you simultaneously need a motorcycle and a musical instrument at the same time? It sucks, right? But there is one company out there that could help you in the sticky situation: the Yamaha Corporation, which specializes in both audio and visual goods, as well as engines.

Design is important to this Japanese company, so this year, they are making their second appearance at the French design event, “Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne 2015,” and they are bringing their A-game. The company is changing up their strategy to create designs that are cool, classy and innovative.

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