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Gacha gourmet — can we survive only eating meals that we pull a capsule toy replica version of?

May the odds (of getting a good gacha toy) be ever in your favour.

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Can we win a PS5 from this premium 2,000-yen gacha machine in Japan?

We try our hand at winning elusive grand prizes from a capsule machine again!

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Low-quality paper cranes folded by young gyaru – Japan’s newest weird capsule toys

It’s not how this origami looks that’s important, but why it looks that way.

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The most preposterous “adult” gacha capsule toys at Akihabara Station

Gacha collections so weird we can’t work out why they were even made.

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A sign of the times: Japan now has “hand sanitizer stand” gacha capsule toy machines

Forehead-scan thermometer not included.

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Bandai releases a retro item with zodiac signs in gachapon capsule toy form…but what is it?

This little device could almost always be found in cafés in Japan throughout the latter part of the Showa Period (1926-1989).

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Funny keychains of Shiba dogs with their heads stuck in things now available as gacha toys

These Shibas got up to some trouble…and we get to keep them as keychains!

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Gorilla with a randoseru backpack and elementary school student cap is Japan’s newest WTF gacha

There’s a lot to unpack in this new six-piece collection.

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Drummer wows Internet with miniature taiko gacha capsule toy performance 【Videos】

Taiko capsule toy level: Expert!

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Botched art restorations become Japanese gacha capsule toys

Restoration fails remind us to keep our own mistakes in perspective.

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Miniature sento bathhouse range is this season’s must-buy gacha capsule toy collection

Relieve stress with the soothing setting of a Japanese public bathhouse. 

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Seriously, what’s up with Japan’s fixation with animals going to the bathroom as capsule toys?

We have so many questions about the questionable design of some of these toys.

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Wanna win a Nintendo Switch? You can with this gigantic gacha capsule machine in Nara【Photos】

We try our luck and get pleasantly surprised.

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Gacha capsule toy paradise for adults appears at Akihabara Station

We pick up some very rare miniatures from a new lineup of gacha vending machines.

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New edition canned fish rings in capsule machines nationwide, now with tuna!

It’s never been a better time to be a tuna can enthusiast.

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The perfect work out equipment for your fingers is waiting inside Japanese toy vending machines

Because why wouldn’t you buy mini-workout equipment for your fingers? We saw the need, and so we tested out some of these weird capsule toys.

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Beat your phone into submission with these Street Fighter 2 capsule toy stands

“You must defeat my Shoryuken to stand a chance.”

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Japan’s love affair with sea bugs continues — sausage isopods now available as gachapon toys!

For some reason, Japan has a deep fascination with giant isopods, the deep-sea creatures that look like, well … giant roaches. Perhaps it’s because of their “unique” appearance, or because one of these critters at the Toba Aquarium in Mie Prefecture became famous for going over five years without eating at all (although that individual is sadly no longer with us), but whatever the cause, these marine creatures seem to make regular appearances on the Japanese Internet in one form or another. In fact, their popularity is such that making cocktail sausages shaped like one of these sea bugs became a hugely popular topic on the Japanese twitterverse earlier this year.

Now, it seems one toy manufacturer has taken Japan’s fondness for isopods one step further and come out with a product modeled after not the actual sea bug itself, but its sausage incarnation — and as a gachapon toy you can buy from a vending machine, no less!

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Line of Attack on Titan capsule toys soon to be released, give children nightmares

The hit anime and manga title Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) has grabbed readers and viewers with its combination of high-flying action and surprisingly disturbing giants.

More than just being violent, something about the titans in this series strikes the creepy chord perfectly in people. So when figure maker Kaiyodo released four capsule toys based on the series they wanted to make sure that feeling came through.

And come through it did. Be warned that some of these figures depict scenes of violence and gore.

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Homo Toys Raise Issues of Meme Trademarks and Corporate Coopting of Them

Awhile back we ran an article about the US Navy’s latest robot resembling a Japanese Twitter meme called Homo.

Originally created to mock the homoerotic anime-loving Japanese female (fujoshi), homo is a somewhat humanoid creature the crawls along on all fours and utters “homooooo” as it searches far and wide for gay porn.

On twitter this little guy/gal/thing is represented by the ASCII characters ┌(┌ ^o^)┐, however several artistic depictions can be found on twitter or if you check our previous article.

The cute little whatever has found a following among the Japanese internet to the point that some are trying to profit from Homo.  A reporter from Byokan Sunday recently encountered a capsule machine with a line of Homo figurines, but is this legal?

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