This Japanese cosplayer is so popular she creates a phenomenon known as the Enako Ring

Japan’s largest biannual indie manga, anime, game, and cosplay convention was held at Tokyo’s Big Sight convention centre from 28 December, drawing thousands of attendees and cosplayers to the four-day convention known as Winter Comiket.

Out of all the cosplayers in attendance, however, there was one who needs no introduction, and that’s Enako, a top name in the cosplay world who’s built an empire so lucrative it earns her over ten million yen (US$91,933) a day.

Commonly known as Japan’s number-one cosplayer, Enako was the star of the show once again at Winter Comiket, and if anyone was looking to find her, all they had to do was head to the massive circle of photographers that had gathered in the adjoining field on day three of the event.

This mind-blowing scene is one that appears to crop up wherever Enako goes, and it’s a phenomenon that’s become so synonymous with the star it even has its own name: “Enako Ring“.

This year, the Enako Ring, or the “Enako Wall” as it’s sometimes referred to, formed around the cosplayer larger than ever before, with many estimating it to be close to 2,000 people strong.

▼ The cold weather did nothing to deter Enako’s ardent fans from making the trip to Comiket to see her.

The gathering of photographers were this year treated to Enako cosplaying as Sinon from Sword Art Online. Attending as a general participant, she shared several photos of her photo session with her 983,000 followers on Twitter, thanking everyone who took photos of her during the cold weather.

▼ The view from the fourth row of the Enako Ring shows that zoom lenses are a necessity for her fans.

The photo session wasn’t Enako’s only appearance at Winter Comiket, as she spent some time at the Boat Race Tamagawa booth on day one of the event…

▼ And appeared at the Movic booth on day two.

After her appearance as Sinon on day three, fans were able to purchase official merchandise and even meet the cosplayer for a chat and a handshake at her booth on the final day of the convention.

A look back at just some of her best cosplays from the year reveal why she’s earned the title of Japan’s number-one cosplayer.

Whether she’s cosplaying as a succubus for Christmas or opening events for Halloween, Enako can’t put a delicately adorned foot wrong with her growing fan base around the world. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us all at Summer Comiket this year!

Source: Kai-You 
Featured image: Twitter/@49william47
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