Awesome art project took a long time.

Japanese Twitter user @moriteppei sounds like a pretty generous guy. He runs his own private library, loaning out books to people in his community, and he even gave a special illustrator’s pen to a kid with an interest in manga who often comes to borrow books.

That kid, it turns out, is a big fan of Attack on Titan, so she put the pen to use drawing a picture of the series’ three initial leads, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin.

Not bad, huh? “She did an incredibly thorough job” tweets @moriteppei, but he’s not necessarily referring to how the kid made it look like the cover to a tankobon, or collected volume of the manga. Sure, that’s a nice detail, but what’s really impressive is when you open the booklet up…

…and see that she’s recreated an entire volume of the manga, frame by frame!

Another mind-blowing part of the process: See how the right page in the above photo is a single eye staring ominously out of a field of inky blackness? The paper itself was originally white, meaning that the kid had to color in everything but the eye and logo by hand to get it to look that way.

In total, it took the kid about a year to produce his fan-made Attack on Titan volume, and it’s not her only project of this type, as @moriteppei says she also redrew an entire volume of the Seven Deadly Sins manga.

The amazing artistic ambition on display has been earning praise from other Twitter users, who’ve left comments like:

“This kid is going to grow up to be an incredible artist.”
“Honestly, her art already looks almost as good as the actual early issues of Attack on Titan’s did.”
“This reminds me of how they say Naoki Urasawa [creator of Monster, Yawara, and 20th Century Boys] copied a whole volume of Ashita no Joe [when he was a kid].”
“Really looking forward to what this kid does in the future.”

@moriteppei says that the young artist is happy that people online like her drawings, but for now she’s simply continuing to make art at her own pace. And while she’s probably got several years until she’ll be old enough to have a completely original manga of her own published, sometimes a little bit of childhood encouragement can go a long way.

Source: Twitter/@moriteppei via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Twitter/@moriteppei
Insert image: Twitter/@moriteppei
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