Pop star and Pokémon are here to charge up our emotional batteries.

Back at the start of the year, as part of its 25th anniversary celebration the Pokémon franchise teased an upcoming collaboration with California-born pop star Katy Perry. At the time, the sneak-peak was limited to a quick audio clip of Perry singing the word “Electric,” and it turns out that’s the title of the song as well, as revealed in its just-released video co-starring, naturally, a Pikachu.

Don’t worry, though, Perry hasn’t snatched the Pikachu seen traveling with Ash/Satoshi in the Pokémon anime. She’s got a Poké-companion of her own, and this is a female Pikachu, as shown by her heart-cleft tail.

The pair have apparently been gal pals for some time, too. While the video starts off with Perry and the Pikachu making their way to the top of a lighthouse (which the Pokémon can naturally make shine), it quickly transitions to a flashback of pre-stardom Perry and her pre-evolution Pikachu, who’s still just a Pichu.

With their future selves secretly watching, the younger Perry and Pichu play a gig at a local farmer’s market, keeping each other’s spirits up through some early setbacks before winning over the crowd, followed by appreciative listeners filling Perry’s guitar case with tips, and, oddly, fruit (but hey, who doesn’t appreciate a fresh pineapple after a hard day’s work?).

With her earnings, young Perry is able to put together a new stage outfit for an upcoming talent show, though she unknowingly gets an assist from her future self, as well as a round of applause when she performs.

In terms of musical style, the song doesn’t have much in common with the iconic English opening theme of the Pokémon anime, though there’s perhaps a subtle shoutout early on when Perry sings “Wanna be the best, but at what cost?” On the other hand, the unabashedly positive energy is exactly the sort of atmosphere that Pokémon has always radiated, and when Perry proclaims “There’s no reason that this life can’t be electric,” it’s hard to argue with her, or her Electric-type friend.

Source: YouTube/Katy Perry via IT Media
Images: YouTube/Katy Perry
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