After stepping away from a life spent in cars, he’s reunited with the real-world ride he owned and loved in his youth.

A lot of people have found themselves with more time to play video games over the course of the past year, and the stay-home lifestyle has also encouraged more gamers to stream or post videos of their play sessions as a way to stay socially connected. So in a way, it wouldn’t have been so surprising for Japanese YouTuber Olivin Corp to start uploading game videos to his channel.

But while he likes playing games, the videos aren’t showing off Olivin Corp at the controls, but his 93-year-old grandfather!

Grandpa doesn’t personally have a lifelong interest in gaming, and until recently hadn’t ever asked his grandson if he could try one of his games. What he has always loved, though, are cars. During the 1960s, he worked as a taxi driver in Tokyo, and in the 1970s he started a 20-year career as a dump truck driver. So when he saw his grandson’s racing wheel for playing driving game Forza 7, he asked if he could run a few laps, and Oliving Corp filmed the results.

Making things extra special is that the game’s extensive list of classic cars includes Grandpa’s favorite car he ever owned in his youth, a first-generation Mazda RX-7. Though he sold it before Olivin Corp was born, he still often fondly reminisces about the rotary-engine sports coupe, and Forza even let him select the same metallic silver color as his actual car.

▼ In his latest video, Grandpa takes some Nissan GT-Rs, of the R32, R34, and R35 vintages, out for a spin in Forza 7 and Assetto Corsa.

You’ll notice that in addition to using a wheel, Grandpa insists on playing the game in manual transmission mode, and has not only an accelerator and brake pedal he’s working, but a clutch one too. He also turns off the game’s default traction control and anti-lock brake systems when in his virtual RX-7, since his real-life car didn’t have those modern driving aids.

As a final touching aspect, Olivin Corp’s grandpa voluntarily turned in his license and gave up driving seven years ago, due to his age. But he’s now got a new way to rev up his motor-loving heart, and who knows, maybe he’ll form a team with some of the graduates from Japan’s for-seniors eSports school.

Source: YouTube/オリビンコープ via Otakomu
Top image: YouTube/オリビンコープ
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