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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a classic game that is considered by many as the greatest video game of all time. Needless to say, it’s pretty popular and people play it over and over and over. One gamer in particular, Runnerguy2489, has played it so many times that he can, in fact, beat it with his eyes closed.

▼ Runnerguy2489 was overcome with emotion upon beating the game.

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Runnerguy2489 debuted his blindfolded playing skills in January at the closing of AGDQ 2015, an annual “speedrunning” video game marathon for charity, where he completed three levels of the game with a blindfold on.

That wasn’t good enough; Runnerguy2489 was determined to beat the whole game blindfolded with 100 percent completion, meaning he had to collect all items and finish all of the side quests along the way.

In order to do this, Runnerguy2489 had to use every trick in the book, tricks only a seasoned veteran of the game would know about. While he always thought he knew the game well, it wasn’t until 2007, when he started helping a blind gamer, genuinescorruption, complete the game, that he really started understanding it. After many Skype conversations, genuinescorruption beat the game in 2010.

Over a year after starting, Runnerguy2489 finally completed the 103 hours of gameplay it took to defeat the game. He completed this seemingly impossible task in snippets, live streaming the game every Wednesday evening, so fans around the world could watch his progress. The last live stream of gameplay aired on October 14 and Runnerguy2489 and his viewers were overcome with emotion. He commented on how he “couldn’t stop shaking” and reminisced on his hours of helping genuinescorruption and his new-found appreciation for his vision.

▼ The final segment of the game was moving even for non-gamers.

While Runnerguy2489 is done with blindfolded gaming for now, who knows what he may attempt next!

Source: Kotaku
Images: YouTube/Runnerguy2489