Arty lingerie series pays homage to Hokusai’s Great Wave.

Back in May last year, Japanese mail-order lingerie retailer Peach John released a new bra set inspired by Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh entitled “Gogh Yellow”.

▼ The pretty two-piece was so popular it sold out a week after its release.

Following on from the success of this artfully designed number, the company is now releasing another bra set inspired by another famous painter, this time with plenty of stock on hand to ensure they don’t sell out as fast as last year.

▼ Say hello to “Hokusai Blue“, inspired by legendary Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849)

The print on this new bra will be familiar to people around the world as it features the seaside scene depicted in Hokusai’s famous Great Wave off Kanagawa, arguably the most well-known ukiyoe woodblock print from his globally lauded Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji series.

The Great Wave off Kanagawa is believed to have been first published sometime between 1829-1833

Image: Wikipedia/Katsushika Hokusai Metropolitan Museum of Art

Centuries after it was created, the stunning print is now being used to adorn the curves of a woman, with the giant wave splashing its spray over one cup as a boat rides another wave in front of Mt Fuji on the other.

▼ Sea foam and a series of undulating waves adorn the matching briefs and G-string.

Hokusai Blue is the latest design in Peach John’s “Master’s Bra” collection that pays homage to masterpieces from the art world. To celebrate, the new arrival will be joined by a re-release of previous Master’s Bras, namely the Gogh Yellow, inspired by Gogh’s Sunflowers

And the Mucha Ecru, which takes its design inspiration from The Four Flowers – Rose by Czech painter, illustrator and graphic artist Alfons Maria Mucha.

All the bras in the series are priced at 4,378 yen (US$39.94), while the briefs and G-strings are priced at 1,628 yen each.

The lingerie sets can be purchased at the Peach John online store, where you’ll also be able to pick up some unusual Barbie designs to suit all shapes and sizes.

Source, images: PR Times
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