The sounds Kamura Hunters hear also include a common vegetable you might have in your fridge right now.

The recently released Monster Hunter Rise is the latest hit in Capcom’s aptly named monster-hunting video game franchise. For the past month-and-a-half, players have been immersing themselves in the sights and sounds of the game’s Kamura Village and its fantastical surrounding wildlands…but it turns out that some of those sounds have some unexpectedly ordinary, and clever, real-world origins.

For example, one of the new creatures debuting in Rise is the Almudron, as seen in this video.

The monster uses its gargantuan tail in many of its attacks, but included in the sounds you hear as it thrashes about is actually the sound of a stalk celery being snapped in half, revealed Monster Hunter Rise’s sound director Kosuke Nakata while appearing on Tuesday’s episode of Kansai TV talk show Chachaire Monday.

But the bigger surprise is that the clanking sound you hear when your character runs or rolls while wearing heavy armor, like at the start of this clip…

…were made using a randoesru, one of those boxy backpacks that Japanese elementary school kids carry.

▼ “Heading out to kill monsters – be back in a bit!”

As Nakata demonstrated, to create the sound of Rise’s armor he stuffed a bunch of random metal objects, such as a small bucket, a frying pan, a length of chain, into a randoseru, closed the bag up, and then gave it a series of shakes in front of a microphone.

The result is complex metallic jangling, entirely in keeping with Monster Hunter’s gameplay and design aesthetic where characters’ equipment is cobbled together from various bits of monster parts and other scavenged components.

Monster Hunter Rise trailer

It’s not all trickery, though. For example, while stalking your prey in the game you can hear buzzing insects as part of the environmental background noise. For these, Nakata just straight-up recorded some of the extremely loud cicadas that appear in Japan every summer, though he did at least record them at the park surrounding Osaka Castle, so there’s still a certain medieval element to them.

Source: Game Spark via Twitter/@zajinoh via Jin
Top image: YouTube/Monster Hunter
Insert image: Pakutaso
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